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Stephanie is the founder of Passionate about jewelry and fashion, she began to rub shoulders with the world of precious metals and jewelry, in 2008, as part of her work. At the same time, she shares her love for beautiful jewelry as well as her looks through her Instagram account.

She has taken care of several online jewelry sales sites. Then, she was responsible for digital communication and E-commerce, for jewelry stores in Lyon, specializing in the resale of jewelry and second-hand jewelry, for a price half the price of new. Luxury at an affordable price. It was from there that he came up with the idea of creating a new E-shop concept, devoted exclusively to the Outlet sale of costume jewelery from exceptional brands.

"The Outlet has become the new shopping place that is becoming more democratic. It allows you to indulge yourself by buying branded products to which we would not necessarily have access otherwise. However, the choice was limited until then to clothing and accessories. C This is why it was necessary to develop this concept with costume jewelry in order to access quality pieces at a lower cost."

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